Stealing Photos? Now This is Bulls**t. | Chase Jarvis Blog

Stealing Photos? Now This is Bulls**t. | Chase Jarvis Blog

OK, now I know I’ve re-blogged this for serious reasons, but once I’d read this blog from Chase Jarvis, it really bothered me. It peed me off for another non-obvious reason too…. Jason Lee. He’s not only an awesome comedian, actor, skateboarder and founder of Stereo Skateboards, it now turns out he’s a bit of a photographer too. I hate (jealous) multi talented people!

Stealing digital photos has long been a pasttime for some web junkies, and we as photographers have always dealt with it. Sign of the times. But this week’s theft of Jason Lee’s Polaroid portrait of actor Dennis Hopper is straight-up bull shittake.

The art collective ThisLosAngeles last week reported that, after a gallery opening called These Friends, they agreed to let a patron use the restroom just before closing. Turns out that this particular patron visited the toilet, but also paid a visit to the incredibly valuable (and beautiful) one-of-a-kind-polaroid-portrait of Dennis Hopper (shot by artist/actor Jason Lee) in the back of the gallery…and he swiped it. Pulled the art off the wall and walked out.

G’head and blame the gallery, blame the collective, blame the attendant who let the guy take a leak, blame whomever. The point is that I’m blaming the perpetrator and you should too. Stealing is bad, stealing one of a kind art is worse, and that the thief is amongst us…

Now–after several days and a $25,000 reward–Lee’s Polaroid is still missing. The gallery is facing the prospect of going out of business, the cops have little resources to sink resources into finding the culprit and recovering the loss. Wouldn’t it be nice if we in the photo, art, design, pop culture community could track this photo (and this criminal) down?

Citizens arrest. Call Jeremy Weiss at 323-747-5301 or if you have any tips.